Installing common dependencies

This guide describes how to install some required dependencies that are the same across all environments.

Some of these, like the resource-backend, will move out of the “required” category in later releases. Even if you do not use these directly in your installation, the CRDs that come along with them are necessary.

NOTE: If you want to use a version other than that at the tip of Nephio catalog repo, then replace the @main suffix on the package URLs on the kpt pkg get commands below with the tag of the version you wish to use.

Network Config Operator

This component is a controller for applying configuration to routers and switches.

kpt pkg get --for-deployment
kpt fn render network-config
kpt live init network-config
kpt live apply network-config --reconcile-timeout=15m --output=table

Resource Backend

The resource backend provides IP and VLAN allocation.

kpt pkg get --for-deployment
kpt fn render resource-backend
kpt live init resource-backend
kpt live apply resource-backend --reconcile-timeout=15m --output=table